Future Projects


Sensory Perceptions

Loose your imagination's libido in this very spec-fic collection of erotica tales. We want plot-focused stories with enrapturing storytelling where the erotica and romance enhance the story rather than being the main goal. Your level of explicitness may vary—the important part is the tale itself. We can't wait to read your stories!  
Deadline: November 30th, 2019

Whigmaleeries & Wives' Tales

Superstitions, Legends, Folklore and Old Wives' Tales--where do they come from? How did they get started? What's the "real" reason we throw spilled salt over our shoulder or avoid stepping on a crack? What were the old women really afraid of when someone broke a mirror? Delve into your imagination and tell us your theories!  

Sunshine Superhighway

Solarpunk, cyberpunk with a hopeful outlook, futuristic fantasy, we're looking for your spec-fic stories of all kinds that leave us with the idea that despite the doom and gloom in the universe, things can possibly work out if we strive to make life better, even if in a small way. Send us your stories!